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The below instructions are provided to help in the safe and proper application of DataDots to your valuable items.

DataDot Vehicle Marking Diagram

DataDot Vehicle Marking Diagram Click here to view the DataDot Vehicle Marking Diagram.  

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) For Adhesives

E-Coat DD1008 Adhesive Click here to view the MSDS for the E-Coat DD1008 adhesive. This formula was created to withstand the rigors of colder climates in the winter months. This document contains important information pertaining to health hazards and first aid.  

How to Apply DataDots to Your Assets

Important! Do not open dispenser prior to reading these instructions.

Please familiarize yourself with the DataDot Identification & Security system components:

  • DataDot Dispenser (contains DataDots & adhesive) and Brush
  • Self-Adhesive Oval Warning Labels
  • Bar Code sticker - Use this for your documentation
  • Instructions
Use of DataDots

DataDots can be quickly and easily applied to almost any item or surface. Recommended, but not limited to are: personal asset items, business asset items, motorcycle parts, automobile parts, watercraft parts, etc.

Placements of DataDots

Please use the following guidelines when applying DataDots to your assets:

  1. Areas not exposed to excessive wear, but in low usage or seldom handled areas
  2. Do not apply DataDots where it will interfere with any mechanical movements
  3. Areas not exposed to excessive road grit, grease, etc.
  4. For better viewing of dots, apply dots side by side and not on top of each other or overlapping. Spread Dots out a little with the brush



The DataDot system is easy to use. Simply decide where you are going to mark your assets with DataDots. Make sure the asset is clean from grease and dirt*. To make life difficult for the thief, hide most of the DataDots, but leave a few in obvious places that can be easily seen.

How to Apply DataDots
  1. Shake container vigorously before opening. Unscrew lid, place applicator brush in adhesive until you can see the number of DataDots you want to mark the item with. (If there is too much adhesive on brush, wipe some off on inside of container.)
  2. Dab the brush gently on the surface of the item to be marked until Dots and Adhesive remain on item. This will leave a small dab of adhesive containing the DataDots. Allow 30 minutes for the adhesive/DataDot mixture to become tack free. Fully cures in 48 hours. Adhesive dries nearly clear and its ultraviolet properties aid detection.
  3. Several markings can often be obtained from one brush full. To replenish the brush, replace brush back into container and repeat the process.
  4. We recommend recoating marked areas with the excess adhesive. Additional layers of adhesive aid in protecting the Dots from the harsh elements and make it more difficult for thieves to remove the DataDots.
Warning labels

This pack contains self-adhesive warning labels which clearly indicate that your property is protected with DataDots and hence "Too Hot to Handle". Use these at your discretion, but please ensure that they are all clearly visible on or near the treated


Once application is complete, please register your unique PIN at the DataDot online registration site, www.datadotusa.com. Registration of your PIN ensures that law enforcement and insurance companies can be made aware of the identification of your assets in the event of theft. When law enforcement finds a DataDots on a stolen item, they can then trace the part back to your contact information associated to your VIN/PIN. In the event that your asset is stolen, remember to indicate that DataDots were applied to your item(s) in your police report. If you do not have access to the internet, please mail the following information to the address indicated below:

Owner's Name
Phone Number
PIN number

* Warning: Please observe all manufacturers' safety precautions that apply to the
item(s) you are marking and the use of handling DataDots. DataDots are non-toxic, please avoid contact with nose, mouth or eyes. Contact DataDot Technology to review the MSDS information before use. 1 (800) 546-4454

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