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The Problem

Industrial and metal theft has become a growing problem over recent years, with copper theft at the forefront of that problem. Don Horne of ‘Electricity Today’ reported an increase of 1,150% in copper theft from 2005 to 2006. The loss is costing utility companies millions of dollars in repairs and replacements. With the cost for copper increasing globally and with economic conditions in a downward trend, utility companies are faced with this crime problem. Internal and external theft drains companies of profits and may even result in business closures.

Many times thieves are caught with copper cable, but police have no way of identifying whether or not it is stolen, leaving both the victim of the theft and the police very disappointed.

Many facilities across the country have been using video recording systems to deter thieves, but they are finding that these systems rarely catch good images of the assailants, wasting more time and money which could have been used elsewhere.

The Solution

Because of the nature of metals, wiring and industrial grade products it’s hard to thoroughly mark or identify an item without being overly obvious.

That's why DataDots are the solution. The microdots are marked with a specific PIN number linked to the owner or the asset. These dots are suspended in a clear drying, UV sensitive adhesive that fluoresces under an ordinary blacklight. With so many identifiers applied with the specially designed durable, weatherproof and non corrosive adhesive, it is virtually impossible for thieves to remove the true owner’s identity – a problem that is evident with current forms of cable stamping.

DataDots In Action

When metal or any sort of industrial asset is marked with DataDots, they instantly become far more undesirable by thieves because the tiny dots are unremovable and are easily traced directly back to the owner. All you need to do is apply the DataDots, register on our National Secure Database, and your items or metals are marked for years to come. In the case of theft Law Enforcement will easily be able to locate the DataDots, read them, and find the owner of the marked assets, convicting the criminal and getting your materials back to you faster.

DataDots have been changing industrial losses worldwide, and with the new epidemic of copper theft, they seem to be one of the only viable solutions that come at a low cost. Especially when comparing to the cost of repairs, replacement downtime, and losses.

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To find out how DataDot Technology can provide a viable solution to your companies theft problems, please contact us now.

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