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Frequently Asked Questions

How can DataDots be detected?

Warning decals are applied to all assets marked with DataDots.

In addition, the DataDots come in an adhesive with a UV trace. Police simply need to wave a blacklight over as asset and the adhesive will go blue, thus displaying the presence of the dots.

If the DataDot location can be detected by black light, wouldn’t it be possible for thieves to find the DataDots and remove them?

Motor Vehicles
Literally hundreds or thousands of DataDots are sprayed or brushed on each motor vehicle or boat, making it impossible for thieves to find and remove them all. Key components will also have many DataDots on them.

Home and Business Assets
The DataDot application instructions advise that DataDots should be applied to valuables in both visible and hidden locations. In addition, it is suggested that at least five DataDots should be applied to each valuable and that a number of “false” glue marks that do not contain DataDots should be made as well. Correctly following the application instructions will make it very difficult and time consuming for thieves to detect and remove all of the DataDots on an item.

How are DataDots read?

Using a simple 60x scope that can be purchased either directly from DataDot via our online store or from other retailers. DataDot provides scopes to police Auto Theft Squads to assist with their crime prevention and sting operations.

What kind of adhesive is used to attach the DataDots to the surface of the identified item?

DataDots are suspended in a water-soluble ultra-violet light sensitive adhesive that becomes tack free in approximately 30 minutes and fully cured in 24 hours. Once the adhesive is cured, it is clear and water resistant. Being a water based adhesive DataDots are non-toxic or corrosive.

What if I spill the dots or apply the to the wrong spot?

As a water based adhesive, DataDots may be simply wiped off with a damp cloth for the first 30 minutes after application or spillage. Please read the fitment instructions provided with each kit for correct application.

What if I need more DataDots?

Additional pots of DataDots can be ordered directly from DataDot either online or via phone. New DataDot numbers will be different from the your initial DataDot number, however, the system supports the registration of multiple DataDot numbers to a single user.

Can I Purchase DataDots for my Car on-line?

The DataDot auto program is only available from car dealers. Please contact us directly to locate your nearest dealer.

How do I register my kit?

To register your kit you need to have your unique DataDot PIN that was provided in the kit provided. Simply logon to www.datadotusa.com and select the Product Registration option and follow the instructions provided.

What if I sell an asset marked with DataDots?

Please contact DataDot to obtain an asset / registration transfer form. This will allow you identify that you as the rightful owner of an asset has sold it. From this information DataDot will update its registration database.

Can I get an insurance discount when I implement the DataDot Identification system?

DataDot is working with various US, Canadian, and Mexican insurance companies to provide homeowner, business and motor vehicle insurance discounts. Contact your insurance agent to find out about whether or not your insurance company offers discounts for customers that make the effort to implement the DataDot system.

If I implement DataDot, do I still need an alarm system?

While the DataDot system is crucial for recovery of valuables and subsequent conviction of thieves, the warning labels that are included with the DataDot system have also been proven to deter thieves. In fact, measured results from DataDot Identification programs indicate that more than 80% of the time thieves move on after realizing that a vehicle, or property and contents are identified by DataDot. While the DataDot system has been proven to deter thieves without the ongoing expense of an alarm contract, it can’t prevent a robbery to the extent of a professionally installed alarm system. Therefore, the best way to protect your family and valuables is to implement both systems.

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